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Sermon Archive

Mother’s Day 2017

Foundation Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:1-28 Pastor shares 3 simple points from Hannah’s story. found in 1 Samuel 1:1-28. This sermon reminds us that people are created in His image, so every time we look at the unique characteristics that define mothers, we see a glimpse of God. 1. Hannah understood that children are a gift from God. 2. God controls the events of our children’s…

Faith & Works

God doesn’t want useless faith: Faith & Works Foundation Scripture:  James 2:14-26 We are not saved by faith alone.  We need faith and works. Words don’t gain our redemption Faith leads believers to perform good works. Play in new window | Download

Anniversary Message

On Sunday, April 30, Pastor Griffin preached during our 10th Anniversary celebration. Play in new window | Download

More Than An Event

Luke 24:13- 35 We ought to be able to remember his Word to encourage ourselves. We exalt Easter so much that we make it out to be the biggest Sunday ever that it seems no other Sunday masters. If I believe it’s only about events, I will only engage in an event that I perceive as significant to me. Is your fellowship with God based on a calendar of events?…

Remember His Words

Luke 24:1-10 John 11:25 Faith over fear. As life happens, we don’t lose hope because we remember His words.  We are people who are called to have faith over fear. #Resurrection What is the thing you fear most? Most people would say death. What we celebrate today – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – gives us the power to have faith over fear. John 11:27…