The Zone

The Zone

The Children & Youth Ministry


The Zone

The Children’s ministry at Harvest Christian fellowship is an energetic ministry dedicated to teaching our children, from toddlers to teens, who Jesus Christ is and how we can depend on Him. Children ages 2-11 are welcome! 

The Zone (TheZo3ne) is the social media footprint of the Children and Youth Ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Spark Ages – Babies

We can’t talk much, we but we’re still listening. In our group, Spark, we do all the things that babies and toddlers do, in the loving arms of our group leaders. We meet in Spark Boulevard in The Zone, every Second and Fourth Sunday, and we would love for you to join us. The Nursery is open every second and fourth Sunday from 9:30a-end of service. Registration is required.

FirstLook Ages – Grades Pre-K and Kindergarten

FirstLook is our education group dedicated to inspiring and teaching some of the youngest of the next generation about that God made us, how much God loves us, and the truth that God wants us to be with Him forever. We pre-schoolers and kindergarteners meet every Sunday in Infinity Circle in the Zone during service and during special events, and we’d love to see you there!

252 Basics Elementary Ages – Grades 1-5

“Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” ~Luke 2:52. Learning how to make wise decisions, how to place their trust in God, and how to treat others the way that we want to be treated is at the core of everything we learn in our 252 Basics small groups – Grades 1-5. We meet in Green Room Road and Fusion Drive in The Zone, every Sunday. See you there!

XP3 – Grades 6-8

J-Walkers is the teen ministry of Harvest Christian Fellowship. The purpose of this ministry is to equip young Christians to do the work of Christ. Teens meet and engage in fun and exciting activities while growing closer to Christ.  Teen grades 9-12 are welcome. 

XP3 – Grades 6-8

Our XP3 Middle School group is our newest. Partnered with our J-Walker group, we learn to keep our wonder for who God is, discover who He created us to be, and we develop a passion for loving others. Our middle school groups meet at Fusion Drive in the Zone, every 3rd Sunday.

Small Group Leaders – SGL

We are the leaders in The Zone who love God and want to teach our children, from Sparks to J-Walkers, how much God wants to have a real, fatherly relationship with them, how Jesus is our Savior, and how the Spirit of God can help us make the right choices as our kids grow up. You’ll see is in jeans and T’s every week. We’ll see you around!