Sunday, January 24th Service Is Canceled

Sunday, January 24th Service Is Canceled

Good afternoon Harvest family and friends,

I pray that every one of you is safe and warm, as we weather winter storm Jonas. I have informed the various leaders that tomorrow’s morning service at Harvest Christian Fellowship is canceled. I am, currently, setting up an opportunity for us all to get together online for prayer and meditation. This will be video, and separate from the 5:45am prayer call. The details will come later this evening. 

I love our Sunday gatherings, the fellowship, and the opportunity to see lives transformed by the Gospel. Ultimately, however, the safety of all who attend Harvest is paramount. While inclement weather will allow many to easily make the decision to stay in, there are those who will always press their way to church when it is open. I want to make sure that no one is hurt or harmed trying to make their way to church in the morning. 

I pray that you will join us for our online “service” tomorrow. I encourage you to spread the word when the details are released. Stay blessed, safe, and warm.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Meredith Griffin

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