Harvest Christian Fellowship, as a church body, is guided by these values:

We hold as a value the call to all members of the church to be actively involved in the ministry. This activity extends beyond Sunday worship, and included the discovery and use of their individual spiritual gifts. (Matthew 22:38; Matthew 9:38; 10:5; Matthew 20:25-28; John 13:3-5; Nehemiah 2:17-18)

Spiritual Maturity
We recognize and value the desire of God to see every member of the body mature spiritually. We strive to develop opportunities for each member of Harvest Christian Fellowship to grow in their relationship with the Lord, and their understanding of the call as Christians. (Ephesians 4:13, 15; 1 Corinthians 14:20; Hebrews 5:14; Hebrews 6:1; 1 Peter 2:2; 2 Peter 3:18; Matthew 10:5)

We believe that the Christian Church has a unique call to be the redeemed community of God, and His representative people in the earth. As such, we are to live out our new lives in transformed relationships with one another. The church is to epitomize familial community and fellowship with one another. (Ephesians 4:1-6; Ephesians 4:25-29; Exodus 19:6)

Bible Knowledge
We believe that Christian growth and community are directly related to our knowledge of Scripture. We hold study and knowledge of the Bible to be important to our individual and collective Christian lives. (Matthew 9:35)

The mission of the Church is to make disciples of those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord. We value our role as a soul-winning people, and desire to see all come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord. We desire to see the majority of our congregational growth come from the conversion of lost (unsaved) persons. (Matthew 9:35,36)

We value the integrity of each person, and desire to see all family units living in completeness, health, and wholeness. (Colossians 3:18-21; Ephesians 5:21-6:4)

We hold as a value our call to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind. Worship as a value is not simply expressed during organized services, through music, or in song, but through every activity we do in life. (Matthew 22:37; John 4:23, 24; Deuteronomy 6:5)

Team Ministry
We value the biblical model of team ministry, recognizing that no one person is able to complete the mission of the church alone. Because of this, we intentionally build teams of people to work alongside one another to accomplish ministry goals. (1 Corinthians 12:12; Romans 12:10, 16; Nehemiah 3)