Harvest Christian Fellowship on The City

Harvest Christian Fellowship on The City

What is The City? Why would I want to get on The City? These are both really good questions, in addition to being questions that we hear quite often here at Harvest. The City is our online community, our church social network. It provides a way for us to keep everyone in our church, members, attenders, and guests connected and engaged.

We know that it is important for people to feel connected to other people in relationships. We also understand that this a major consideration for people when considering a church to attend. At Harvest, we use The City to connect people to one another. Using a group structure, people can connect in a variety of ways, give online, study the Bible, RSVP to church events, extend prayer requests, respond to volunteer opportunities, and so much more. While The City is primarily for those who are members or regular attenders of Harvest, there are opportunities for us to share what is happening in our church with everyone via The Plaza.

If you have been our guest on any Sunday morning, have been attending for some time, or have become a member of Harvest Christian Fellowship, then we encourage and invite you to sign up for an account on The City. See one of our hosts at the Welcome Center on Sunday morning to find out how to sign up.


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