9/3/14 – Harvest Connections

9/3/14 – Harvest Connections

This week, September 7 through September 13, in Harvest Connections:

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September 17 – Bible Study Resumes
September 19 – J Walkers Session (Teen Ministry), Middletown, DE
September 21 – Back to Church Sunday
September 26 – Leadership Team Meeting
September 28 – Baptismal Service

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8 to 15 Sermon Series

This past Sunday was the last message in the 8 to 15 sermon series. Over the last month, we have discovered that God’s will is that no one perish, but that all would know salvation. God desires to use us all to reach the group of people that are uniquely designed to respond to us as we present the gospel through genuine relationship. Our ‘oikos’ may be made of ‘tough people’. We are called to reach them although we live in a “tough world’. In this week’s message we were called to understand that the reaching our oikos would require ‘tough love.’ This tough love is not the typical tough love that we discuss, but means that we will be called to do things that may be difficult for us…love will motivate us to do these things. What are the things that tough love should move us to do for our oikos?

  1. Humility – We cannot think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think. If we are going to reach our world for Jesus we must do so with humility. Sometimes it is tough to be humble when others are being difficult, but our love drives us to do so.
  2. Enthusiasm – We do not know when Christ will return. Our love should motivate us to engage the 8 to 15 people we are called to reach with enthusiasm. We don’t have any time to waste.
  3. Distinction – We are called to be salt and light. We should be, in our relationships with our oikos, easily distinguishable from the world around us. Our humility and enthusiasm are just two of the things that should mark us as unique.

If you missed this week’s sermon you can listen on our website.

Our Summer Giving Program goal: is $51,340. This will allow us to operate at optimum level during June 1 through August 31. Through Week 14, August 31, we needed to have received $51,340 to be on track. Our actual giving through Week 14 is $53,724. To God Be The Glory!

God honored our faithfulness and empowered us to:

  • Support Vacation Bible School;
  • Disburse payments for all bills on time;
  • Maintain effective ministries and aspects of our facility; and
  • Meet our District stewardship commitments

Bible Study Returns

If you have been waiting for the return of Bible Study your wait is almost over. Beginning Wednesday, September 17 at 7pm Bible Study will return! This September will mark the return of the more traditional Wednesday evening Bible Study. For those who are looking for small groups, don’t worry. There are several small groups for women currently being offered during the week, and more small groups will be coming this month. Stay tuned to The City and Harvest Connections.

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