9/14/14 – Harvest Connections

9/14/14 – Harvest Connections

This week, September 14 through September 20, in Harvest Connections:

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September 17 – Bible Study Resumes
September 21 – Back to Church Sunday
September 26 – Leadership Team Meeting
September 28 – Baptismal Service
October 5 – Communion Sunday
October 10 – J Walkers Session (Teen Ministry), Middletown, DE

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Favor always precedes purpose! That was one of the major points from this past Sunday’s message. We all have the favor of God on our lives. God has favored us so that we can accomplish his purpose in the world! We have been chosen by him to be the vessels through whom he makes more disciples. What a glorious honor God has bestowed upon us. And all the while we are serving him, he is blessing us. We get the benefit of favor for a purpose. Glory to the name of our God. Remind yourself this week by saying… “the favor of God is on my life.”

If you missed this week’s sermon you can listen on our website.

Back to Church Sunday is here! Make sure that you are reaching out to your 8 to 15 this week. It is time that someone we know reengage with God and come back to church. In addition to the Invite Cards that were handed out this past Sunday, one thousand of our neighbors are receiving a personalized postcard in the mail from us this week. Let us all be excited about what the Lord is doing in our midst. Remember that this is a casual dress Sunday. We want to remove all barriers that may exist for someone who is contemplating coming to church this Sunday.

Bible Study Returns

Bring your Bible and join us in the sanctuary tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17th at 7:00pm as we resume Bible Study.

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