6/22/14 – Harvest Connections

6/22/14 – Harvest Connections

This week, June 22 through June 28, in Harvest Connections:

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June 29 – Youth Sunday, Harvest Campus
June 29 – Baptism, Harvest Campus
June 30 – Pastor Griffin at IMAC Revival, Mother AUFCMP Church, 812 North Franklin Street, Wilmington, DE
July 11 – Joy Night, Harvest Campus
July 19 – Celebrate Recovery Flapjack Fundraiser, New Castle, DE
July 28-August 1 – Vacation Bible School (VBS), Harvest Campus

For more information, visit our website.

In Sunday’s message, “We Need A Brake”, Pastor Griffin focused on the importance of Sabbath to the Christian who desires to live a balanced life. We cannot be so committed to reaching goals that we neglect a basic command from God. We must “brake from work” and “brake for worship.” If you missed the sermon, you can listen on our website.

Our Summer Giving Program goal: is $51,340. This will allow us to operate at optimum level during June 1 through August 31. Through Week 3, June 15, we needed to have received $11,001 to be on track. Our actual giving through Week 3 is $12,125.93 To God Be The Glory!

Children’s Ministry

This Sunday is Youth Sunday! Are you ready? Parents? Are you smarter than a 5th grader? We’ll see about that! This Sunday, June 28th, Youth Sunday is making a huge return like you’ve never seen it before! This high-impact, interactive Sunday, worship service will start promptly at 10AM and stretch us to see what God has been pouring into our families through our children and Orange Curriculum.

Educational Enrichment Ministries

Help us spread the word! The Educational Enrichment Ministries are sponsoring Joy Night, a night of fun, fellowship, and unique praise, on July 11th at 7:00pm! The proceeds will benefit the Harvest Scholarship Fund. Grab some fliers this Sunday and pass them around. Get more details on the website or in The City.

L.A.C.E. Women’s Ministry

The Women’s ministry of Harvest Christian Fellowship -Ladies After Christ’s Example (LACE) is gearing up for Discipleship Classes.

If you recently joined Harvest, or have not participated in discipleship classes in the past, we have the right setting for you. Victorious Disciples is the group for you. Topics that are covered include Knowing who You Are in Christ; How to Study the Bible; The Journey of Faith; Becoming a Woman of Prayer; just to name a few.

If you have participated in discipleship classes in the past, please join in the group called Becoming a Woman of Influence. This group will cover such topics as Impacting Lives Like Jesus; The Principle of Time Alone with God; and The Principle of Walking and Talking; The Principle of Compassion; just to name a few.

To join Pastor Doris in one group or both, please email her at dlpg@living4harvest.org for additional details. Hurry and email her so that you are able to find out when the sessions begin. You won’t want to miss anything that LACE is doing to grow women in a virtuous fashion.

Mark your calendar for the next LACE Fellowship scheduled for Thursday, July 10th at 7:00 p.m.

from Topics in The Plaza for Harvest Christian Fellowship on The City http://bit.ly/1pC9fBI


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