2016 M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

2016 M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

Good Morning Harvest! I hope you are already experiencing the wonder of this Saturday morning, and the joy of this brand new year. I am embarking on a yearlong Bible reading journey that began yesterday. This morning, following my reading, I thought “why not invite the rest of Harvest to join me?” So, to that end, I am attaching a PDF document that outlines the daily reading for each day this year.

The reading plan is named after Robert M. M’Cheyne, a Scottish minister. The plan, if completed, will allow you to read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in one year. 

Know that I approach devotional reading of the Bible daily as a joyous habit, and not a burden. I am glad, and filled with hope, following my time with God through reading the Scriptures. I want to share that joyous journey with you all this year, but I also want you to approach it with the same mind. What do I mean? Don’t approach this as just one more thing to do, a burden that is “required” by the pastor or by God. That isn’t the offering of ourselves that God desires. He desires that we freely, joyfully, and cheerfully approach him and the things he desires of us. 

If you miss a day, try to catch up if you can. If you miss a week, pick up with the current day. The ultimate desire is to develop as a habit the ordered reading of God’s word daily. I hope you join me in this yearlong journey. Let us know in the comments if you’re in! Stay blessed and keep pressing toward the mark. 

from Topics in The Plaza for Harvest Christian Fellowship http://bit.ly/1Jli4OZ